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Negotiations between government delegation and Kebili sit-inneurs fail

The negotiating session held between the government delegation led by Minister of Social Affairs Mohamed Trabelsi with the sit-inneurs of Kebili Friday from 10:00 am to midnight ended in failure.

No agreement was reached with representatives of the sit-in in Douz, Faouar, Kebili city for the suspension of the protest movement and the halting of gas and oil pumping to allow petroleum companies to continue their activities.

Minister of Social Affairs, Mohamed Trabelsi told TAP correspondent in the region the government side has responded to 90% of the claims of the sit-inners put in the list of 214 applications in different sectors.

The need for the presence of representatives of oil companies at the next negotiating session and the number of recruits to be provided within companies and the amount of aid from the Regional Development Fund were the main points of discord that led to the end of the meeting and the non-signature of the agreement, Trabelsi pointed out.

The minister also underlined that the dialogue remains open with the sit-inners for the general interest and to overcome all the divergences for the resumption of the oil activities in the region.

Among the requests approved by the government side, Mohamed Trabelsi cited the increase by 5 million dinars of enterprises’ participation in social responsibility programmes and raising in the number of workers in the environmental company 2,000 gradually.

Other measures have been taken for young people in the region. This will include the creation of 600 job positions under the Tunisian-German Programme for Economic Stability and Youth Employability, the financing of small projects for 167 young people, the distribution of 300 agricultural parcels in The “El Mahdeth” region and 35 agricultural greenhouse plots in the Chareb locality, in addition to employing 100 young people in oil companies two-stages during the years 2017 and 2018.

The Minister of Social Affairs said the infrastructure of the Kebili region will be improved and reinforced by the covering of several roads in addition to the support of the agricultural sector with substitution wells and the regularisation of the land situation.

A budget of 5.5 million dinars will be allocated for the creation of a municipal swimming pool in the city of Kebili, the minister said, in addition to granting a minimum of 30 million dinars for the development budget of the city and the capital increase of the investment company from 5 to 10 million dinars.

The overall cost of projects planned in the region for the years 2017 and 2018 will exceed 250 million dinars, Trabelsi said, recalling that the cost of the various projects that will be realized within the framework of the development plan (2016-2020) exceeds 513 million dinars.

Representatives of the sit-inners maintained their demand for the presence of representatives of oil companies during the negotiating sessions to push them to more recruitment and to increase their participation in the local Development Fund.

While calling for a bringing the divergent points of view closer, the members present at this negotiating session invited the sit-inners to seize this “historic opportunity”, which enabled them to obtain several achievements for the region.

The government delegation included Minister of Social Affairs, Mohamed Trabelsi, Minister of Energy, Mining and Renewable Energies Hela Cheikhrouhou, State Secretary of State for Public Property and Land Affairs Mabrouk Kourchid, Secretary of State for Local Affairs and Environment Chokri Ben Hassen, Secretary of State to the the Minister of Agriculture Abdallah Rabhi and Prime Minister’s Adviser Said Blel.

Source: TAP News Agency

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