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Nejib Chebbi: “Government has failed in its responsibilities”

The current government has failed in its responsibilities and has no more proposals to make, chairman of the constitutive committee of the Democratic Movement Ahmed Nejib Chebbi said on Tuesday, adding that it should be replaced by an apolitical team.

“The government has failed both politically and economically,” he added at a press conference in Tunis to shed light on the impact of the 2018 budget law on the purchasing power of citizens and the real estate sector.

Chebbi said the government’s economic plan has provoked many criticisms in the country, particularly from the components of civil society and national organisations.

“With the exception of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), all the associations and national organizations had criticised the government’s action plan,” he pointed out.

Commenting on the results of the parliamentary by-elections for Tunisian nationals in Germany that took place last Sunday, Chebbi stressed that the poll reflects a remarkable reluctance of Tunisians to take part in political life.

Chebbi called the election results “catastrophic” adding that 95% of Tunisians are no longer interested in public affairs.

Asked by TAP on the announcement of a third date (May 6, 2018) for the municipal elections, Chebbi said he welcomed this new date, adding that the elections cannot be delayed beyond May 6.

Source: TAP News Agency

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