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Net foreign currency holdings down to 106 days’ imports (BCT)

The Central Bank of Tunisia (French: BCT)’s net foreign currency holdings till January 26, 2017, fell to 12,261.2 MTD against 13,295.1 MTD in the same period last year, that is 106 days’ imports (against 121 days’ imports in January 2016).

Tourist revenues up to January 20, 2017, were up 2.9 MTD standing at 75.4 MTD against 72.5 MTD in 2016, according to the statistical data released Friday by the bank. Likewise, accumulated earned income till January 20 edged up from 139 MTD to 141. 4 MTD between 2016 and 2017.

The servicing of the accumulated external debt rose up to January 20 to 180.5 MTD against 147.5 MTD last year. The Tunisian Dinar lost ground against the Dollar, 2.308 TND now, (+12.82 % in comparison with 2016) and the Euro, 2.473 TND, (+11,48% compared to last year).

Source: TAP news Agency

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