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New education system bill under debate in Tunis

The new draft law of the education system developed by the Ministry of Education following the national dialogue on reform of the education system was discussed Tuesday in Tunis by experts in the field of education at a conference organised by the Centre for the Study of Islam and Democracy.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Msadek Jlidi, an international education expert, stressed that this draft law is in conformity with the principles of the Tunisian Constitution, in particular Article 39 which stipulates the obligation of education and the universality of human rights.

On the other hand, Belgacem Hassan, retired Inspector General of Education, considered that this bill does not insist on the national identity of pupils, which is not in conformity with the principles of the Preamble and Article 1.

For his part, Fathi Jarray, former Minister of Education, stressed that the reform effort in the education system takes a long time, noting that only 20% of the content of the 2002 law has been applied.

He said the new bill includes new concepts adapted to the changes, questioning their application in reality.

According to the former minister, the obligation of education since the age of five is an important measure although the bill did not insist on free education for all levels, he said.

For his part, education expert Mohamed Ben Fatma said the bill does not have a forward-looking vision since it is based on the present and the near future.

Source: TAP news Agency

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