New governor of Tataouine affirms "support to aspirations of dissatisfied youth within limits of state's means" | Tunisia News Gazette

New governor of Tataouine affirms “support to aspirations of dissatisfied youth within limits of state’s means”

New governor of Tataouine Mohamed Ali Barhoumi voiced on Sunday his determination to “bring about the necessary improvements and support to the aspirations of dissatisfied young people within the limits of the state’s means.” He called on all parties to “combine their efforts to achieve legitimate aspirations”.

Appointed on Saturday by the Prime Minister, the new governor was speaking this morning on the occasion of taking office.

Presenting today, in the Tataouine governorate premises the new governor, Minister of Employment and Vocational Training Imed Hammami, said the appointment is part of “alternation and continuity of the State”.

He considered that the next step should be marked by complementary efforts. The government did not intend to use force and resort to the security solution to disperse the sit-in from El Kamour to Tataouine, assured the minister, affirming the attachment to the path of dialogue to reach a solution that satisfies all parties.

Hammami also emphasised the government’s determination to implement the measures announced last Thursday by the Prime Minister during his visit to Tataouine.

Although he stopped the programme of his visit to the region, Chahed had announced 64 decisions to boost the development process and increase employment opportunities in the region.

Last Thursday’s visit of Youssef Chahed to Tataouine occurred in concomitance with a general strike decided by the young protesters’ coordination.

In sit-in since last April 23 in the region of EL Kamour, the main access point to oil fields in the Tunisian desert, to prevent the oil companies vehicles from joining or leaving the oil fields, these young people demand their right to employment and development and a commitment by the government to improve the standard of living in the region.

Government Spokesman Iyed Dahmani said Friday that the government will respond firmly to protests that do not respect the law and paralyse the transport and production sectors.

“All those who have broken the law will be prosecuted. The government does not accept blackmail and populist attitudes, “he said.

Source: TAP News Agency

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