New political alternative in March to restore political balance in country (Marzouk) | Tunisia News Gazette

New political alternative in March to restore political balance in country (Marzouk)

Mohsen Marzouk, Secretary-General of Tunisia Project (Machrou Tounes) said that a new political alternative will be announced next March to restore the political balance in the country.

Speaking Tuesday in Tunis at a news conference, Mohsen Marzouk called on the political parties to join this alternative, saying that experts from the Machrou Tounes party are currently discussing its political, economic and social aspects.

He stressed that this new alternative is open to the parties and powers that share the same visions and orientations with the project movement of Tunisia.

In another connection, he announced the decision of his party to withdraw its support from the national unity government and to be on the side of the responsible opposition while respecting the Carthage Document.

This decision, he said, comes after a “deviation from the principles and visions of the Carthage Document, signed by nine parties and three national organisations”.

It also intervened following the absence of the major reforms announced by the government, he explained.

The Tunisia Project Secretary-General also criticized “the voluntary exclusion of his party from the government decision-making”.

The 2017 finance law was one of the main shifts that shook the movement’s confidence in the government, he said.

Besides, Marzouk deplored that “Ennahdha movement manages the machinery of the State and intervenes directly in the foreign policy of the country”.

He voiced surprise at the various activities of Ennahdha movement President Rached Ghanouchi, as well as his repeated visits to the brotherly and friendly heads of state speaking on behalf of Tunisia, especially on the Libyan case. This is a kind of “parallel diplomacy”, he added.

On the other hand, he reasserted his categorical rejection of Circular No. 2017-4, recently issued by the Prime Ministry, on the organisation of the work of the information and communication cells stemming from the ministries, institutions and enterprises.

He considered that this circular constitutes a restriction on the right of journalists to access to information provided by the Constitution and enshrined in the Carthage Document.

Source: TAP news Agency

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