“Next elections are State crime,” says PDL President

“The December 17, 2022 legislative elections in Tunisia will certainly be a State crime. Those who will participate in the polls will only contribute to whitewashing dictatorship and trampling on the sovereignty of the people,” said President of the Free Destourian Party (PDL) Abir Moussi.


Moussi, who was speaking at a protest held by her party on Saturday, said the PDL will firmly oppose the legislative elections as they are an “illegal and illegitimate” electoral process. On the other hand, she called for organising legislative elections according to democratic principles and international legality.


“We are not ready to endorse any law or draft treaty emanating from a parliament resulting from an ‘illegal’ electoral process”, she insisted, advocating “a return to legality” through open presidential elections.


Moussi added that her party will soon refer to the Administrative Court about the appeals it lodged against the electoral law, the electoral calendar and the decisions of the Independent Higher Authority for the Elections (ISIE).


On another context, Moussi indicated that the approach followed by President Kais Saied “violates the rights of Tunisian women”, denouncing the “heavy-masculine and unbalanced line-up of the ISIE.”


Moussi also announced a national march for October 15 in protest against soaring prices, the disruption of the foodstuff supply system and deteriorating purchasing power of citizens.




Source: TAP News Agency