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Nidaa Tounes group opposes return of terrorists to Tunisia

The group of Nidaa Tounes at the House of the People’s Representatives’ (HPR) voiced Tuesday categorical opposition against the return of Tunisian terrorists from hotbeds of tension calling for intensified diplomatic efforts to try terrorists in countries where they have committed the crimes.

The group, meeting Tuesday in Bardo to discuss the issue of the return of terrorists from hotbed of tension, proposed the constitution of a legal commission tasked with developing a legislative approach to combat the return of terrorists, the group statement reads.

“The return of individuals with blood-stained hands is likely to affect the Tunisian model of society,” warned the parliamentary bloc which has 67 elected representatives out of a total of 217 deputies.

The group also called for the protection of the Tunisian territory against any attempt to illegal infiltration and to coordinate actions between the military and security institutions to dismantle youth recruitment networks.

At the HPR plenary session devoted Tuesday to the examination of the supplementary finance law for 2016, elected representatives of Nidaa Tounes called on the government to explain clearly the fate of the 800 terrorists who have recently returned to Tunisia.

Source: TAP news Agency

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