Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline Project Demonstrates the Kingdom’s Active Leadership in Africa (U.S. Expert)

“I was very pleased to hear from His Majesty the King about the Nigeria-Morocco Pipeline project because diversifying energy supplies around the world is critically important,” Dark told MAP.


The project “also demonstrates in very tangible ways how Morocco is being an active leader and partner on the African continent”, said Calvin Dark, Principal and Co-founder of the RC Communications research centre, based in Washington.


Commenting on the development of Morocco’s southern provinces, the expert stressed that the royal speech “reminded the world that Morocco is dedicated to progress and prosperity for the southern provinces.”


“Morocco’s initiatives in the southern provinces to promote economic growth are vital”, said Dark, who regretted that “Algeria and the Polisario Front stand in the way of a peaceful, compromise resolution of a conflict that should have ended years ago.”


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse