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Non-Aligned Movement Ministerial Conference: Bachtobji argues for changing Movement’s methods of action

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Sabri Bachtobji called for the need to change the methods of action of the Non-Aligned movement “so that it can regain its dynamism and influence internationally.

He also urged countries of the movement to boost their co-operative relations, trade links, investment and exchange of experiences.

The Tunisian diplomat who spoke at the Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement held on April 5 and 6 in Baku, Azerbaijan, reaffirmed “Tunisia’s commitment to contribute effectively to boosting efforts of integration and partnership between the member countries of the movement.

He also stressed Tunisia’s willingness to put its energies and experiences available to development programs within the movement, in the framework of bilateral and trilateral co-operation as well as through regional and continental integration projects, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported in a statement.

Bachtobji also emphasised the need to give the women’s advancement programme a proper place in the activities of the non-aligned movement.

He also stressed the importance of investing in youth to guard against the dangers of extremism and terrorism, the statement said.

On Arab causes of the day, the Secretary of State reiterated Tunisia’s continued support for the just Palestinian cause and for the brotherly Palestinian people to recover their legitimate rights and establish their independent state on their lands with Al Quds as capital”.

He also called for quick political settlement of the Syrian, Yemeni and Libyan crises “guaranteeing the interests of these brotherly peoples and helping them to restore security and stability”, recalling the Tunisian initiative for political settlement in Libya.

Sabri Bachtobji met with a number of state secretaries of participating countries, on the sidelines of the conference held on the theme: Promoting international peace and security for sustainable development

Source: TAP News Agency

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