North-African coalition for environment and marine protected areas, created

The creation of a North-African coalition for the environment and marine protected areas (MPAs) was announced on Sunday in Monastir at the end of a 3-day meeting between the sector’s experts. The coalition includes NGOs active in the environemnt field from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Egypt. This coalition is the fruit of a cooperation between several environmental NGOs in the southern Mediterranean aimed at remedying shortcomings, Algerian marine environment and reserves expert Mouloud Ben Abdi told TAP. A unified vision and action plan for a healthy South Mediterranean environment was devised during the meeting, through cooperation between NGOs active in the environment field. The coalition members will proceed with capacity building on risks and opportunities for each marine reserve or project, draft projects and then start working together by organising training workshops in the concerned countries. The first workshop will be held on Farwa Island, Libya.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)