Olive oil production below national average recorded over last decade

The national olive oil production saw a 25% drop during the 2022/2023 campaign compared to the last one, reaching 180 thousand tonnes, the National Oil Office (ONH) said on Wednesday in a report on the follow-up of the current olive growing campaign.
This year, the olive production is below the national average recorded over the last decade which is estimated at 211 thousand tonnes.
As regards the geographical breakdown of olive oil production, the center-west region (Sidi Bouzid, Kairouan and Kasserine) is in the lead with a production of 75 thousand tonnes of olive oil, or 42% of the national production.
It is followed by the regions of the North (26%), the South (14%), the Sahel (10%) and the governorate of Sfax which accounts for 8% of the national production.
With a production of about 38 thousand tonnes, the governorate of Sidi Bouzid is the first producer of olive oil.
According to the ONH, the prices of olive oil intended for consumption showed a noticeable increase on the local market.
This year, the prices have risen to about 15 dinars/litre against 12 dinars/litre last year.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)

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