One-day seminar on decree-law No. 2022-22 amending ISIE law

The Legislative Decree No. 2022-22 amending the law of the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) was at heart of a one-day seminar held Sunday in Hammamet by the Tunisian Organisation for Integrity and Democracy of Elections (ATIDE).

It was attended by members of the association as well as university lawyers and electoral experts.

In a statement to TAP, Leila Chraibi, president of ATIDE said the study day will be an opportunity to deepen the review of the decree-law and the changes that have been made and the gaps that remain.

A critical and analytical reading of the decree-law will be conducted, she added, stating that although it has positive points, ATIDE has no less observations on it.

Among the positive points contained in that decree-law, Leila Chraibi cites the fact that the party that presents the candidates is not the one that chooses them.

That proposal was put forward in 2012 by ATIDE during the drafting of the law on the organisation of the ISIE but which was not approved, she said.

However, given the particular circumstances underwent by the country, it was preferable not to touch that law now. Because according to international standards, such institutions cannot be changed in a relatively short time compared to the organisation of elections or a referendum, she argued.

The president of ATIDE said the changes made should not have been limited to the composition of the election commission. It was equally important to provide it with sanction mechanisms and sufficient prerogatives to enable it to carry out its mission in the best possible way, she said.

Recommendations will be developed and published after a thorough review of the decree-law, added the president of ATIDE.

For her, the ISIE which remains an asset for Tunisia and for the democratic transition and that has not been abolished under the decree-law can draw inspiration from them

Source: Tap News Agency