One of defendants in “Sejnane case” handed back-to-back life sentences

One of the defendants in the “Sejnane cell” case was handed back-to-back life sentences as well as a 12-year sentence by the criminal chamber of the Tunis Court of Appeal, which specialises in terrorism cases, spokesperson Habib Torkhani told TAP on Thursday.

The facts of this case date back to the end of July 2015, when information reached the police about the presence of a group of terrorists in a house in Sejnane, Bizerte governorate. They were in possession of weapons, namely Kalashnikov and Steyr, and ammunition.

During the raid, the accused opened fire on the national guards.

The charges include attempted murder, membership of a terrorist group and conspiracy against the internal security of the State.

The accused was also convicted of supplying arms and ammunition with the aim of committing terrorist attacks.

The trial of the other defendants in this case is still ongoing in the first instance.

Source: Tap News Agency

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