One-week-general health lockdown imposed in Siliana governorate

A one-week-general health lockdown has been imposed in the Siliana governorate starting Sunday, the regional committee of disaster prevention and response and rescue organisation announced during a meeting held on Sunday.
The committee pointed out that a curfew will be enforced from 8pm to 5am due to the seriousness of the pandemic situation in the region.
Siliana Governor Abderrazek Dekhil stated to TAP that this measure will not be applied for national exams and vital sectors, adding that travel outside the governorate will be banned except for necessity, as well as ceremonies and other events.
“Public markets, cafes, private businesses, bathhouses and restaurants will also be closed,” he added.
Health Director General Adel Haddadi said that the number of positive cases is 538 per 100,000 inhabitants, affirming that the capacity of intensive care and oxygen services in the Siliana hospital has reached 100 per cent and 97 per cent in the local hospitals.

Source: TAP News Agency