Organisations denounce lack of “real” guarantees for establishment of democracy

Organisations and associations denounced, Monday, the lack of “real” guarantees for the establishment of democracy in the country, considering that the Presidential Decree No. 2021-117 which included a number of provisions for the provisional organisation of public powers, lacks in its form a clear vision to fight against the return of “corrupt” political regimes.

In a joint statement released on Monday, these organisations believe that the Presidential Decree does not set any deadline for the implementation of transitional provisions, a Decree that was prepared without any consultation with the main components of civil society, according to these associations.

The signatories of the Declaration are the National Union of Tunisian Journalists, the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women, the Association of Tunisian Magistrates, the Tunisian Association for the Defense of Human Rights, the Association of Tunisian Women for Research on Development and Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights.

These organisations said they reject any attempt to accumulate powers, without control mechanisms, especially after the announcement of new transitional provisions


Source: Tap News Agency