Over 500 women receive funding agreement under RAIDET programme

(TAP)-“Some 530 women will receive as of Friday a text message informing them that their files were approved for financing up to TND 10 thousand without interest and with a grace period of between 6 months and one year, as part of the programme to promote women’s entrepreneurship RAIEDET , Minister of Family, Women, Children and the Elderly Amel Belhaj Moussa announced Friday.


Addressing a press conference in Tunis, the minister underlined that the beneficiaries of these funds will launch projects in various sectors such as agriculture, livestock, services and children (kindergartens and nurseries).


She also said that over 5,000 applications for funding had been registered on the RAIDET platform, including over 900 for small- and medium-sized projects.


“All these applications were considered and work will continue to deliver other financing agreements since the economic empowerment of women is the only solution to guarantee their financial autonomy,” she added.


Amel Belhaj Moussa indicated that other financing agreements of up to TND 300,000 with preferential benefits and a grace period of 3 to 5 years will soon be granted for the launch of high value-added projects in different sectors such as agriculture, paramedics, pastry-making and others.


“These projects are part of the State’s social strategy to encourage women’s financial autonomy and increase their participation in the economy, especially in these difficult times,” she explained.


Amel Belhaj Moussa emphasised that the RAIDET programme, which will run until 2026, will contribute to the creation of jobs and income in several fields and will encourage innovative projects.


Source: TAP News Agency