Pan-African MPs call Tunisia to ratify Maputo Protocol on Women's Rights in Africa | Tunisia News Gazette

Pan-African MPs call Tunisia to ratify Maputo Protocol on Women’s Rights in Africa

Pan-African MPs called Tunisia on Thursday to ratify the Maputo Protocol on Women’s Rights in Africa. This text symbolises the African Union (AU) member States’ commitment to end discrimination and violence against women.

The Protocol sets out a number of human rights, such as health, education, food, dignity and peace, and rules on inheritance.

“The ratification of the Maputo Protocol would mark a significant step forward in the field of women’s advancement,” said chairperson of PAP’s Permanent Committee on Gender, Family, Youth and People with Disability Hasna Houmed Bilil at a press conference held in the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR).

According to her, many African countries have taken legislative and constitutional measures to guarantee women’s rights on their territory. Despite all this progress, she regretted, the situation of women remained unstable, especially in the event of political crisis or armed conflict.

“It is time for these states to ratify the Maputo Protocol, especially since African women are still fighting against domestic violence,” she said.

She commended the efforts exerted by Tunisia to preserve women’s rights and achievements and to develop legislation in this field and Tunisia’s commitment to adhere to international institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women.

Out of the AU 54 member states, 18 countries have yet to ratify the Maputo Protocol on women’s rights. Among these countries are Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Niger, Somalia and Sudan.

A pan-African parliamentary delegation is currently in Tunis as part of consultations on the ratification of the Protocol. Members of the delegation participated in consultative meetings with parliamentary committees in the HPR on the Maputo Protocol promotion.

Source: TAP News Agency

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