Parliament: “For People’s Victory” announces a bloc of 42 deputies

The initiative “For the Victory of the People” has formed a parliamentary bloc of 42 deputies and has started consultations with 16 others, announced Zouhair Hamdi, member of the initiative.

Hamdi warned against pressure on new MPs to dissuade them from joining the initiative. He called on the prosecution to intervene and the media to “unmask the lobbies behind these practices. He added that “For the Victory of the People” has started to form an “influential” parliamentary bloc, adding that the initiative will examine, during its consultations with its supporters, the composition of the next assembly (presidency, committees and parliamentary bureau).

He also denied the information according to which the President of the Bar, Brahim Bouderbala, would be the initiative’s candidate for the presidency of the parliament.

Regarding the legislative elections, Hamdi said that they took place “in much better conditions than the previous ones in the absence of pressure from lobbies and dirty money”.

According to him, the parliamentary bloc of the initiative “for the victory of the people” will defend the choices of the people, the deprived categories and the marginalised regions.

The initiative will also work to propose and support the political, economic and social reforms to which Tunisians aspire, he said.

Asked about the relationship between the initiative and the President of the Republic, Kais Saied, Zouhair Hamdi said “we are the closest to the July 25 project but we do not speak on behalf of the president. Our role is to defend the Tunisians and the independence of the national decision.

On another level, he stressed that the initiative is open to all proposed initiatives, including that of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), “as long as they remain realistic.

“For the Victory of the People” which was created in October 2022 brings together civil society activists, party presidents and human rights activists as well as former deputies and trade unionists, including the former president of the Bar Association, Brahim Bouderbala, the Popular Current party, Mbarka Brahmi (MP), Mongi Rahoui (MP), and Ridha Chihab Mekki (one of the close supporters of the Head of State), Rafaa Tabib, and Mohamed Ali Boughdiri (former trade unionist).

Source: Tap News Agency