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Parliamentary by-elections for expatriates in Germany: Legal challenge of Call of Expatriates rejected

The appeal chamber of the Administrative Court Friday rejected the legal challenge filed by the Call of Tunisian Expatriates against the preliminary results of the parliamentary by-elections for expatriates in Germany.

The court ruled the challenge inadmissible on the grounds of formal defect and non-compliance with Article 145 of the election code, said Communication Officer of the Administrative Court Imed Ghabri. An appeal can be lodged within 48 hours, he told TAP.

The party filed a legal challenge on December 22 and said the candidacy of Yassine Ayari was “illegal” based on the judgments handed down by the Administrative Court; it also said the number of polling stations made available by the election commission was insufficient which affected voter turnout.

Party President Riadh Jaidane said on December 26 the Call of Tunisian Expatriates will bring judicial action against the Independent High Authority for Elections (French: ISIE) for “misuse of power.”

Jaidane branded “unlawful” the decisions taken since October by the election commission, particularly since the appointment of Anouer Belhassen as interim president. The position of interim president is not provided for in the election law; Article 11 stipulates that “the president of the authority is its legal representative” and hence the parliament should have elected a president before the poll is held, Jaidane highlighted.

Yassine Ayari (Al-Amal list) won the election (December 15-17) with 284 votes.

Source: TAP News Agency

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