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Parliamentary day under sign “Open Parliament, active civil society”

The works of an open parliamentary day held on Thursday at the headquarters of the military academy in Bardo under the sign “Open Parliament, active civil society” focused on the completion of the formation of a joint steering committee in charge of the elaboration of a code of cooperation between the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) and civil society in Tunisia.

HPR Speaker Mohamed Ennaceur stressed on this occasion that this day is part of a global process on the road to the institutionalisation of the relations between parliament and civil society that require clarification roles so that reports are transparent to ensure their sustainability and continuity.

He said it is the beginning of a new stage of cooperation between the HPR and civil society, indicating that the steering committee that will be constituted today will have the task of developing a code of cooperation between the two parties.

HPR Speaker Asistant in charge of relations with the citizen and civil society and chair of the joint steering committee indicated that this initiative, which is part of the recommendations of the open day of 23 May 2016, aims to lay the foundations of participatory democracy and the principles of transparency which require the opening up of State institutions on the structures of civil society and the citizen.

She said that the code of cooperation will determine the nature of relations between the HPR and civil society structures as well as the different procedures related to communication between associations and parliament, in addition to the contribution of civil society to development of Legislative frameworks.

For his part, representative of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), Samir Cheffi, who is the deputy Secretary-General of the trade union organisation, told TAP that this meeting opens the debate on the foundations of participatory democracy between the two parties and means to consecrate it.

The works of this day took place as part of three workshops. The first focused on the general principles governing relations between the HPR and civil society, relations based on trust and mutual respect.

The second workshop highlighted means of cooperation between the HPR and civil society as a force of suggestion and support.

The third workshop discussed communication mechanisms between the two parties. In addition to the hearing of civil society components by parliamentary committees, sending of written reports on bills or direct contact between members of parliament and members of civil society in parliament during the week of the regions, emphasis was placed on the need for new communication mechanisms to ensure that contact between the two parties is permanent and effective.

The participants in this day will elect 9 representatives of civil society to joint steering committee, which will also be composed of 9 MPs representing the various parliamentary groups and 9 members representing the structures of the HPR.

Source: TAP News Agency

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