Part three of project “Environmental Education for a Sustainable Mediterranean” launches

Part three of the project “Environmental Education for a Sustainable Mediterranean” to assess environmental education in Tunisia and Sicily (Italy) was launched on Monday.


This project funded by the European Union to the tune of €1.4 million was launched 2 years ago by the Ministry of Environment, in cooperation with the Ministries of Education and Higher Education, Environment Minister Leila Chikhaoui said at a ceremony in Tunis. It will continue until next year.


Chikhaoui underlined that the goal of this project is to make environmental education part of the school curricula in Tunisia and Italy, based on a census in the two countries, stressing the importance of this project in raising awareness about preserving the environment amid the climate change.


Chikhaoui also laid emphasis on the use of new technologies in safeguarding the environment according to a multisectoral approach and bringing together all ministries, public agencies, citizens and municipalities.


Education Minister Fethi Sellaouti highlighted that the Tunisian-Italian partnership in this field fits into their strong desire to sensitize students about the importance of the environment and climate change.


He said the transfer of knowledge and experiences helps create a healthy environment and upholds an environmental culture among students.


Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Moncef Boukthir underscored that the Mediterranean region has been affected by climate change, adding that the spread of waste on the coasts poses a threat to sea environment.


Source: Tap News Agency