Participatory Approach to implement Roadmap for Quality Public School Highlighted

In a statement to the press following his participation in a workshop organized for the benefit of educational executives of the Regional Academy of Education and Training of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra, as part of the national consultations on “Quality School for All”, Benmoussa stressed the importance of adopting this participatory approach, especially after the implementation of the roadmap.

This methodology will allow the implementation of practical measures that have an impact on the quality of student learning, and maintain mobilization for the success of this reform, noted Benmoussa.

Regarding the national consultations for a quality school for all, the minister said they saw the participation of the education community, students, families, the civil society and elected officials.

These consultations helped to enrich the roadmap with new ideas, noted Benmoussa, who highlighted the importance attached to this approach by all partners of the Moroccan public school.

According to the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports, over 100,000 participants have contributed to the national consultations for the improvement of the quality of schools, which ended Wednesday in Rabat.

The consultations ended after ten weeks of constructive discussions, the ministry said in a statement.

Some 1,761 discussion groups were held from May 5 to July 6 as part of these national consultations, with the participation of more than 21,837 teachers.

Source: Agency Morocaine De P