PDL supporters prevented from marching to Carthage Palace

Supporters of the Free Destourian Party (PDL), on Saturday, decided to start a march towards Carthage Palace, after being prevented from boarding the train at the Tunis Marine station (TGM). Police units prevented demonstrators from advancing amidst scuffles and jostling.

Demonstrators held up banners reading “second anniversary of the Enlightenment Revolution,” “January 14, 2023, the end of the lie,” and “Game over….”

Earlier in the day, president of the Free Destourian Party (PDL) Abir Moussi and several of her supporters met at the TGM station to head to Carthage, the northern suburb of Tunis, which houses the presidential palace, causing a disruption in traffic.

TGM traffic was interrupted; the District Chief of the National Security of Tunis went on the spot and urged, via megaphone, PDL supporters to evacuate the place and avoid disrupting the traffic on these lines.

Moussi and her supporters denounced their prevention from reaching Carthage by public transport, claiming their right as citizens to travel. They chanted slogans against the President.

Clashes erupted between PDL supporters and passengers on the TGM line who accused the latter of disrupting traffic and preventing them from going about their business.

Source: Tap News Agency