PDL to hold day of anger on September 17

A day of anger will be held on September 17 by the Free Destourian Party (French: PDL) “in support of the Tunisian people through a major social, economic and financial crisis,” President of the party Abir Moussi Saturday said in Monastir.

Moussi further told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting with party structures PDL activists will stage protests in front of sovereign institutions across the country to denounce price hikes, a worsening purchasing power and the ambiguity surrounding the State budget and the risk of bankruptcy.

The party will boycott next December legislative elections, Abir Moussi added. These elections serve as “a plebiscite” to justify the formation of a Shura Council which, she said, is much alike the “caliphate”- a move in utter contradiction with “democracy.”

She also decried attempts to” whitewash State crimes against the Tunisian people.”

The meeting held in Monastir one year after the party convention, Moussi highlighted, fits within annual evaluation. Tunisia is going through a delicate stage and needs the PDL and its reform initiative.

Source: Tap News Agency