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Phosphate production forecast to grow 35% by end of year (secretary of state)

“The sector of phosphates and derivatives, which faced several challenges over the recent years, started to recover with production projected to grow by 35% to reach 5 million tonnes by the end of the year,” said Secretary of State for Mines and Renewable Energy Hachem Hmidi. Yet, more needs to be done to recover the 2011 levels, that is 8 million tonnes.

New phosphate deposits are being developed and will start production shortly in Meknassi (Sidi Bouzid), Nefta-Tozeur and Sraouertene (El Kef), the Secretary of State said as part of his participation in the Second Mines and Quarries Meetings held in Tunis on November 14-15 by the Tunisian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (French: CTFCI),

The government’s strategy is designed to diversify the production of extractive industries, considering that phosphate accounts for 95% of the sector’s total turnover, Hmidi said.

Tunisia has a sedimentary soil rich in useful substances and industrial stones used in quarries with over 300 sites in continued operation, all products included (granulates, sand, marble stone). The government’s keenness to inject more dynamism in the mineral industry finds expression in twenty more exploration licenses and seven concessions (salt and gypsum, phosphate, silica sand and calcium carbonates) granted in 2017, he also indicated. The goal is to reach 30 exploration licenses and 10 concessions by the end of the year.

CTFCI President Fouad Lakhoua said the event’s French partner, RPI France (organiser of shows), managed to mobilise this year the participation of 25 French firms that seek business and partnership contacts with Tunisian professionals.

There are several market niches in connection to useful substances, silica sand, limestone, white gypsum and Clinker, he highlighted.

Over 200 Tunisian and French professionals are expected at this two-day event aimed to create a real space for trade and technical exchange between equipment and service suppliers in France and mine and quarry operators in Tunisia.

Source: TAP News Agency

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