Pistachio harvest in Kasserine estimated at 650 tonnes in 2021 (CRDA)

The pistachio production in the Kasserine governorate is estimated to drop to 650 tonnes in 2021 against 850 tonnes in 2020, the local agricultural development authority (CRDA) said.

“This drop is due to the weather conditions characterised by drought,” Head of the Crop Production Omar Saadaoui explained to TAP, pointing out that the cultivation of pistachio is growing in the region in terms of planted areas which amount to 7750 hectares (ha) for 750 thousand plants.

The almond production in Kasserine is also expected to edge down with 30 thousand tonnes for 2021, against 42 thousand tonnes last season, the same source added.

The area devoted to almond cultivation has reached 22,500 thousand ha in the region for 2,350 thousand trees.

Source: TAP News Agency