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Plenary session to vote confidence in new cabinet members starts

A plenary session to vote confidence in the new cabinet Monday started as part of an extraordinary session.

150 MPs and only the new members of the government, proposed as part of a cabinet reshuffle conducted by Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, were present.

An individual voting for each member will be conducted shortly, HPR Speaker Mohamed Ennaceur said in his opening remarks.

Tunisia needs now more than ever to combine efforts of all stakeholders and to close ranks so as to achieve development and overcome challenges, he affirmed.

He further stressed on commitment to dialogue and consensus.

The government must send out hope messages to the Tunisian people, he pointed out, calling Tunisians to sacrifice and work hard.

This plenary is held during the parliamentary recess that started at the end of July. It was convened based on provisions of Articles 57 and 89 of the Constitution on the organisation of an extraordinary session and the cabinet line-up.

Youssef Chahed, last Wednesday, conducted a wide cabinet reshuffle involving 13 ministries and 7 state secretariats, in accordance with Articles 92 and 89 of the Constitution on the powers of the Head of Government.

Source: TAP News Agency

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