Police reports drafted against several demonstrators in capital, says Interior Ministry

(TAP) – Police reports were drafted against several demonstrators in the capital on Friday, in accordance with the provisions of articles 312 and 313 of the penal code, after consultation with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of the Interior said in a statement.


According to article 312 of the penal code, “anyone who contravenes the prohibitions and restrictive or preventive measures ordered in times of epidemic is punished by six-month imprisonment and a fine of one hundred and twenty dinars.


Security forces, on Friday, used water cannons to disperse protesters who were trying to force their way from Mohamed V Avenue to Habib Bourguiba Avenue, TAP reporter on the scene noted.


Police set up barriers to prevent access to Habib Bourguiba Avenue, while demonstrators chanted slogans condemning the “use of force”.


Hundreds of demonstrators opposed to the exceptional measures decreed by President Saïed flocked to the main street of the capital, trying to force the barricades that separate it from the neighbouring streets and avenues.


They held placards reading “Constitution, freedom and national dignity” and described President Saïed as a “tyrant”, while security forces warned them, through loudspeakers, to stay away from entrances to Habib Bourguiba Avenue.


Source: TAP News Agency