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Political climate in Tunisia not conducive to holding municipal elections in 3 months (Remili)

The political climate in the country and the deterioration of the economic and social crisis are not conducive to the holding of the municipal elections in three months, member of the founding committee and President of the national council of the Tunisia First Movement Boujemaa Remili said on Tuesday.

A meeting was held on Monday between the components of the Salvation and Progress Front to review the development of the general political situation and the holding of the municipal elections, he told TAP.

Participants discussed, in particular, the delay in the adoption of the Local Government Code and the vote for vacancies at the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE).

The Salvation and Progress Front decided to set up a committee to reflect on the progress of the elections. Its members will be called to prepare a detailed report on the potentialities of political parties and the possible scenarios so as to optimise the joint work, he pointed out.

Remili further expressed his astonishment at Machrou Tounes and the Free Patriotic Union (UPL)’s decision to withdraw from the Front, without providing any explanation at a time where Tunisia is in need of bringing together its progressive and democratic forces in order to balance the political scene, he noted.

By taking these negative decisions, these parties have retracted a moral commitment concerning all components of the Front, he regretted.

The Salvation and Progress Front had promised to Tunisians to redress the imbalance in the political scene that has become more pronounced with Nidaa Tounes’ various splits, he said.

Remili affirmed that the Tunisia First Movement is open to all democratic forces and works to restore the Tunisians’ lost confidence in political parties.

The Ministry of Relations with Constitutional Bodies, Civil Society and Human Rights had announced on July 21 the creation of a new political party called “Tunisia First Movement.”

Founded by Ridha Balhaj, this party is represented by four MPs, namely, Khemaies Ksila, Abdelaziz Kotti, Boujemaa Remili and Naceur Chouikh.

Machrou Tounes had decided during the movement’s political bureau meeting on June 3 to freeze its activities within the Salvation and Progress Front.

Source: TAP News Agency

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