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Political parties’ outcry against “denigration and threats” against journalists

The political parties were unanimous in expressing their support for the journalists who observed Friday a “day of rage” for “attacks and restrictions on the press and the campaign against them by the official apparatus and the denigrations and threats made on them on social networks by security”.

The United National Democratic Party (Wated) has expressed its support for journalists “in their right to freedom of expression and work” and its solidarity with their “struggle for the defense of their rights.” He condemned the “physical and verbal assaults that have targeted many of them” and called the wiretaps that target them “blatant violation of their rights set forth in the constitution”.

“We call on the executive power to stop trying to clog the press, to give up the plan to relocate the external communications agency and to withdraw the bill on audio-visual that calls into question the minimum acquired by the decree 116 “, underlines the party of left.

For its part, the Mouvement Tunisie Volonte (Harak) claimed that “the return of the Interior Ministry to the policy of restriction and control of the profession of journalists and wiretapping, the confession of the Interior Minister are in blatant contradiction with the provisions of the constitution which guarantees the freedom of correspondence, communications and personal data and constitute a real setback of the process of transition to a republican security launched after the revolution “.

“Total responsibility falls on the government for the protection of journalists from all aggression, the deterrence of all those who threaten them, assault them physically and morally”, the party said calling it “to definitively lift guardianship over the public press and to stop reproducing the propaganda system, one of the pillars of dictatorship “.

The Ettakatol party also condemned “the intolerable practices against journalists”, rejecting “the violation of the freedom of the press” and vigorously denouncing “the continuous and systematic regression of the achievements of the revolution, first of all the freedom to the press “. He recalled that “wiretapping is allowed only on judicial notice”.

For its part, the party of the democratic current asked the public prosecutor to bring to justice any person guilty of aggression of a journalist during the exercise of his profession. He condemned “the threat by the interior minister against bloggers who criticize security agents” while also calling “to refrain from disseminating false information and to verify it before”.

The party has invited the Independent High Audiovisual Authority “to get out of its passivity and to impose on audiovisual media organs to respect the specifications, the content of the programmes and the transparency of funding”.

The Republican party said that “the behaviour of the government is a desperate attempt to cover its inability to deal with and mitigate the global crisis shaking the country.” It blamed the government for “the deterioration of the climate of freedoms” and called on the interior ministry to “apologize for the abuse of journalists and prosecute all those who carry out the campaign of threats against them. “.

The Tunisian Party noted that “the Ministry of the Interior has failed in its duties, its abuses have affected a large number of citizens,” recalling that they “have the right to criticize while the Minister must respond to reproach and work to clean up its department of elements that tarnish its image.

Machrou Tounes reaffirmed support for journalists “in the exercise of their profession without pressure or interference from anyone”, calling for “crack down on abuses in accordance with the law” and rejecting “all practices that could poison the relationship between journalists and security men, in a futile confrontation “.

The association of Tunisian magistrates “blasted all forms of aggression against journalists in the performance of their duties” described as “infringement of the right of Tunisian citizens to a free press and access to information guaranteed by the Constitution”.

It rejected “all forms of wiretapping outside the legal framework and without judicial authorization”. “This process is a violation of the fundamental rights stipulated by the constitution,” it stressed, calling on the judicial authority to assume its constitutional role of protecting the rights and freedoms against any violation, including the right to liberty of the press and expression, in accordance with Article 49 of the Constitution “.

Source: TAP news Agency

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