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Popular Front: “Ruling Coalition danger for Tunisia”

The Popular Front (PF) argued that the ruling coalition led by Ennahdha and Nidaa Tounes is “a danger to Tunisia and its people”.

In a statement released Friday, the PF estimated that “the situation in the country continues to deteriorate,” recalling its inclusion by the European Commission in the list of countries at risk of money laundering and terrorist financing.

According to the Front, this classification “is the result of the proliferation of corruption, tax evasion, smuggling and the installation of a local mafia linked to networks of corruption and embezzlement around the world in all aspects of political and economic life in Tunisia”.

The Front condemned the “scandal” caused, according to him, by the Ennahdha and Nidaa Tounes coalition in connection with the bill on the criminalisation of normalisation with the Zionist entity.

“Which means once again that they are subject to foreign parties and Zionist lobbies – the important thing for them is to remain in power regardless of the situation of Tunisians, the stability and sovereignty of the country”.

“This also proves the scale of spy networks and the influence of foreign lobbies in all aspects of political and economic life,” says the PF.

The PF has, on another level, reaffirmed its support for journalists in their fight to preserve the freedom of the press, expressing its condemnation to all forms of restriction they face.

Source: TAP News Agency

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