President Saïed defends people’s right to hold wrongdoers accountable

The role of magistrates in the vigorous and equitable application of the law was the focus of a meeting, Friday, at Carthage Palace, between President Saïed and President of the Provisional Supreme Judicial Council, Mohamed Moncef Kchaou.

Quoted in a press release from the presidency, the Head of State reaffirmed that “the Tunisian people reserve the full right to hold accountable” those responsible for the offences, urging judges to scrupulously ensure that the law is respected.

He added: “Some judges invoke the motive of insanity and play the role of the victim when they have knowingly concealed crimes and evidence of charges in sensitive cases for years.

They have been exposed and it is high time to bring them to justice and hold them accountable for their actions and wrongdoings, the Head of State said.

Alongside these, President Saied said, are parties who are bent on plotting and attacking the internal and external security of the state.

They act under the misleading guise of saving pseudo-patriots, while they throw themselves into the arms of foreigners, the Head of State said.

The President of the Republic urged judges to contribute actively to the “national liberation battle” waged by the State, calling on them to show rigour and firmness in applying the law.

Two days ago, the Head of State, during a meeting with the Minister of Justice, spoke of the duty incumbent on judges in the current situation in the country. He stressed that there are still honest judges in Tunisia who scrupulously ensure the respect of the law, noting that the Tunisian people can not recover their rights and know the truth so coveted without fair and efficient justice.

Anyone who has committed crimes against the Tunisian people must be held accountable for their actions, he said. No one should escape justice and no one should benefit from impunity, he said.

President Saied stressed that “the plotters against the internal and external security of the state cannot continue to be the victim”. The real victim, he said, is the people who are deprived of their right to health and the attributes of a dignified life. It is, therefore, their right to “hold accountable in accordance with the law anyone who violates their rights and gains”.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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