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Press briefing on Tunisian teachers in Gulf countries and Turkey

Deputy Maher Madhioub, member of the parliamentary committee of Tunisians abroad, called on Wednesday for the integration into the national education system of nearly 700 Tunisians teaching in Gulf countries and Turkey upon their return the homeland.

These teachers were recruited through the Tunisian Agency for Technical Co-operation (ATCT) by means of contracts with the competent authorities in host countries “and were able to acquire some experience that could benefit Tunisian schools,” he said at a press briefing at the House of People’s Representatives (HPR).

He explained that the Education Ministry “does not deal with this issue seriously,” and accused Acting Education Minister Slim Khalbous of having “closed its doors” to those who tried to meet him to present their problem.” Khalbous had, however, pledged last week in a HPR plenary session to settle this matter with all the seriousness required.”

Besides, Madhioub mentioned the financial problems encountered by the Tunisian school in Oman,” whose funding is provided for by the parents of pupils without any support from the Tunisian State.” He urged the Ministry of Education, the Tunisian embassy in Muscat and the Tunisian community in Oman to give their full support to the school so that it would be as successful as that of Doha.

The Parliamentary Committee of Youth, Culture, Education and Scientific Research took over the case of teachers under contract in countries of the Gulf Co-operation Council and received several of them “pending that a radical solution with the Ministry of Education will be found in the shortest possible time,” said its president Tarek Barrek.

Source: TAP News Agency

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