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Prime Ministry urges HPR to examine draft laws submitted to parliamentary committees

The Prime Ministry asked the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) to hasten consideration of a set of bills submitted for consideration by the parliamentary committees, announced Friday the HPR.

According to a Parliament statement, they are 15 draft laws including 6 organic laws and 9 ordinary laws.

Meeting on Thursday, the HPR bureau decided to give top priority to these bills.

The Assessor of the HPR Speaker in charge of the legislation was entrusted with the follow-up of the execution of this programme to better organise the legislative action, the statement reads.

The priority organic bills are as follows:

– Draft organic law establishing the Human Rights Authority,

– Draft organic law establishing the Audiovisual Communication Authority,

– Draft organic law on the organisation of the Court of Auditors,

The priority ordinary bills are as follows:

– Bill on the excessive interest rate,

– Bill on new businesses,

– Draft law on the declaration of assets and fight against illicit enrichment and conflict of interest in the public sector.

The HPR Bureau scheduled plenary sessions for 10, 13, 14, 15, 17 and 24 February 2018.

Source: TAP News Agency

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