Prison authorities call demands of strikers in Mornaguia "illegitimate" | Tunisia News Gazette

Prison authorities call demands of strikers in Mornaguia “illegitimate”

Spokesman for the General Directorate of Prisons and Rehabilitation, Sofiene Mezghiche, has ruled out any negotiations or concessions on the “illegitimate” claims of prisoners who are on a hunger strike at the prison of Mornaguia.

Speaking Monday at a press conference in Tunis, the official said that the 80 strikers are involved in terrorism cases.

He affirmed the attachment of the prison institution to the international human rights conventions and the provisions of the Constitution with regard to the right to strike.

According to him, the strikers violated the law, the prison’s internal regulations, as well as prison regulations that deprive prisoners charged with terrorism cases of access rights.

Prison regulations prohibit beards and wearing “Qamis”, added Sofiene Mezghiche, announcing that the detainees will, soon, be in uniform, in accordance with international standards.

With regard to freedom of religion and worship, the spokesman said the right to pray individually is a right guaranteed to every prisoner, but that the prison infrastructure does not allow for collective prayers.

Mezghiche emphasised the need to ensure the safety of detainees and to guard against radicalisation without compromising freedom of worship.

Source: TAP News Agency

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