“Private radio stations play key role in success of development process,” says Kamel Robbana

A meeting was held on Thursday between Speaker of the Assembly of the People’s Representatives (ARP) Ibrahim Bouderbala and President of the National Private Radios’ Union Kamel Robbana, during which the latter pointed out the role of private radios, notably local ones, in the success of the development process in the country.
Robbana further underlined the role of private and local radio stations in providing information on the various economic and development programmes underway nationwide, reads an ARP press release.
Robbana pointed out the financial difficulties hindering the smooth running of private radio stations, undertaking to further endeavour to organise the sector at various levels so that it can play its role in the best conditions.
Besides, he highlighted the importance of the MPs’ work in the regions “which requires some coordination with local private radio stations so as to promote their various actions and missions throughout the country.”
Bouderbala for his part, affirmed that the freedom of the press and expression in the country is the main achievement in Tunisia following the Revolution, conidering that the preservation and enhancement of this achievement is a shared responsibility.
He commended in this regard, the role played by the unbiased press in the success of the various events the country has gone through.
Bouderbala further affirmed that according to the ARP’s rules of procedure, which are currently being drafted, cooperation with the various media outlets will continue both in terms of coverage of parliamentary activity and during the examination of bills related to the media and communication sector.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)

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