Private sector Pharmacists and doctors authorised to carry out rapid tests of coronavirus screening

The Ministry of Health decided to authorise from Thursday, June 10, pharmacists and biologists, pharmacists of the dispensary, doctors of work and doctors of free practice to carry out the rapid tests of screening of the coronavirus.
The ministry stressed in a statement issued Thursday that the laboratory units under the health department had issued technical recommendations to health professionals, which they are required to follow to perform the tests.
The price of the anti-COVID-19 rapid test set by the Ministry of Health does not exceed 20 d, according to a ministerial order dated May 31, 2021.
Pharmacists and medical biologists, retail pharmacists, occupational physicians and free-lance physicians must provide the person who performed the anti-COVID-19 rapid test with a written report containing the results and a code proving the validity of the test and its reliability.
The National Council of the Tunisian Pharmacists (CNOPT) had announced, Wednesday, the implementation of the ministerial decree of May 31, 2021, on the application of antigenic tests in pharmacies and laboratories of the biological tests.

Source: TAP News Agency