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Project of Tunisia Movement joins opposition (Marzouk)

The Movement “Machrou Tounes” (Project of Tunisia) joined the opposition, announced Sunday, its Secretary-General Mohsen Marzouk.

“The project of Tunisia no longer supports the government and joins the opposition,” he said in a statement to the media after the political bureau extraordinary meeting in Hammamet.

According to Marzouk, this turnaround consecrates the failure of the coalition to power all the more, he pointed out, the last reshuffle in the body of delegates counts among the recurring errors.

“This reshuffle was carried out on the basis of “partisan quotas” and on that of competence,” he lamented, wondering about the real parties who decide, in reference to the announcement made by Ennahdha movement President Rached Ghannouchi on a planned meeting in Tunisia of the foreign ministers of Libya’s neighbouring countries.

According to him, such an official event should have been announced by the President of the Republic or by the Minister of Foreign Affairs,” adding, however, that it is possible for the Head of State to entrust a personality or a party president with a diplomatic mission provided that this is done in a transparent manner.

“The project of Tunisia no longer provides any political support to the government,” he insisted.

Source: TAP news Agency

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