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Promotion of linguistic diversity must go beyond rhetoric – NCCE

Ms Portia Adjakrah, the Municipal Director of Ayawaso East, National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), has said that preserving and promoting linguistic diversity should go beyond rhetoric.

Ms Adjakrah said: ‘Each language is like a unique melody, contributing to the grand symphony of human expression.’

She said preserving and promoting languages should not be based only on words but rather on a commitment to understanding, tolerance, and unity.

She said language is a carrier of heritage, a repository of traditions, and a bridge that connects generations.

Mrs Adjakrah said this during the commemoration of International Mother Language Day at 37 Military Basic School, under the theme: ‘Multilingual Education: a Pillar for Learning and Interiengineering’.

The event, which was organised in collaboration with the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), was aimed at promoting linguistic diversity, multiculturalism, intergenerational learning, and cultural preservation thr
ough learning and speaking one’s mother tongue.

Mrs Adjakrah said: ‘Our mother languages are the first sounds that we hear, the first words that we utter, and the first stories that shape our understanding of the world.’

The NCCE Director said the local languages were a silent guardian of the Ghanaian cultural identity, adding that, diversity in language was a testament to the richness of human experience.

‘In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, it is crucial that we recognise and celebrate the multitude of languages that coexist; by so doing, we foster mutual respect and understanding, breaking down barriers that can often lead to division,’ she said.

Mrs Vida Korsinah-Homu, the Unit Head of Community Development at Ayawaso East Municipal Assembly, who was the guest of honour for the celebration, emphasised the importance of using the mother tongue as the initial medium of school instruction.

She said this approach would enhance effective learning in schools and bridge the gap between
home and school.

Mrs. Angela Ashley, the 37 Military Basic School Ga teacher, also urged the pupils to prioritise their Ga lessons, emphasised that it has equal significance, just like other subjects, to their overall academic success.

The day was marked with a reading session in Ga with the pupils, who were encouraged to embrace linguistic diversity as a source of unity rather than division.

The students alternated reading various paragraphs from a passage and responding to questions derived from the text.

The pupils were also encouraged to learn and communicate in their mother tongue.

Source: Ghana News Agency