Protecting whistleblowers from bribery: bill to be reviewed, according to Chawki Tabib | Tunisia News Gazette

Protecting whistleblowers from bribery: bill to be reviewed, according to Chawki Tabib

The draft law on the denunciation of corruption and the protection of whistleblowers is to be reviewed, said Tuesday, Chawki Tabib, President of the National Anti-Corruption Authority (INLUCC).

“This bill contains legal flaws that only curb the whistleblowing process and discourage whistleblowers,” Tabib said in a statement to the media following his hearing by the Human Rights, Freedoms and External Relation Committee as part of the review of the bill.

In addition to protecting experts and witnesses of corruption, it is necessary to ensure the security of whistleblowers, he said, noting the need to facilitate whistleblowing procedures and give more power to the INLUCC and the constitutional authority to replace it.

Criticizing certain articles of this bill at a meeting with the Committee, the President of INLUCC considered that smuggling and illicit financing of associations are crimes that must be included in the list of acts of corruption that they are linked to corruption and terrorism.

“Basically, to be able to fight corruption and ensure effective anti-corruption legislation, we need to facilitate whistleblowing procedures, protect whistleblowers, give more power to the court, and revise the penalties imposed on those who reveal the identity of the whistleblower, “concludes Tabib.

This opinion was shared by most MPs in favour of revising the draft law, which according to some of them does not help fight corruption.

Source: TAP news Agency

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