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Protest movements down 18.6% in February (FTDES)

Protest movements dropped by 18.6% in February 2023, compared to January 2023. Protest movements dropped due to the security policy adopted by the government, the threats and the lack of response to the citizens’ demands, according to a report by the Tunisian Social Observatory under the Tunisian Forum of Economic and Social Rights (FTDES). Actually, 423 protests were reported last February, 116 of which in Tunis governorate, 34 in Sidi Bouzid, 33 in Kebili, 3 in Tozeur and 3 in Beja. 20% of the protesters were students and 16% were locals denouncing the lack of basic services. However, the protests were also staged by civil servants, workers, journalists, teachers, parents and youths. 44% of the demands were administrative, 40% for economic and social reasons, 11% for political reasons and 8% related to infrastructure. 35% of the protests were in the form of sit-ins, the report specified.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse