PUNICC Programme: Support for innovative cultural and creative projects in Tunisia

The programme ” Professionalisation and Digital Use of Cultural and Creative Industries ” (PUNICC) is initiated by the French Institute of Tunisia (IFT) within the framework of a solidarity fund for innovative projects (FSPI) obtained in 2021.

It is intended to support the Tunisian cultural and creative ecosystem, specifically the film, audiovisual, cultural entrepreneurship and digital entrepreneurship sectors.

Three areas of support have been put in place: support the professionalisation of cultural and creative industries, particularly on the subjects of their mediation, distribution and promotion of goods and services they offer, promote digital entrepreneurship as a vector for growth, inclusion and decentralisation and support the reflection on improving the working conditions of creators and respect for intellectual property.

The average funding of projects is between 30 000 and 65 000 TD for a one-year period. To apply, a complete file must be sent by email, before October 30, 2021, to the following address ~consultant.icc@institutfrancais-tunisie.com


Source: Tap News Agency