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Quebec attack: One Tunisian dead and two wounded (FM)

One dead and two injured Tunisians are among the victims of the terrorist attack, which took place Sunday in a Quebec City mosque in Canada, the Foreign Ministry said in a press release Monday evening.

They are Boubaker Thabti (deceased), Aymen Derbali and Nizar Ghali (injured), said the department in the same release.

Immediately informed of the attack, the Consul of Tunisia in Montreal went to the scene to check if there are Tunisians among the victims.

“The Tunisian Consul has contacted the families of the victims,” the ministry said.

The department said it will provide all necessary assistance to the family of late Boubaker Thabti and members of the Tunisian community affected by the attack, adding that Tunisia is currently working in co-ordination with the Canadian authorities too accelerate the repatriation of the remains of Boubaker Thabti.

While expressing its full solidarity with the Canadian authorities, Canadian people and families of the victims in this painful circumstance, Tunisia expressed wishes of promot recovery to the wounded.

Earlier in the day, Tunisia condemned the cowardly terrorist attack that targeted the Quebec city mosque in southeastern Canada, which left six dead and eight wounded.

Source: TAP news Agency

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