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Racism: Mohamed Ennaceur reassures African students in Tunisia

House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) Speaker Mohamed Ennaceur received, Tuesday, representatives of the Congolese students attacked with a knife, Saturday in downtown Tunis, condemning this “racist act,” rejecting “all forms of racial discrimination.”

Ennaceur expressed solidarity with the community of sub-Saharan Africa living in Tunisia and his support to all their claims, HPR information officer HassAne Fathalli said to TAP.

In this regard, the HPR Speaker affirmed that the necessary measures will be taken to facilitate the stay of Africans in Tunisia, guarantee their protection and facilitate their access to administrative services, adding that a correspondence will be sent in this connection to the Prime Minister.

He also pointed out that the mobilisation of the public opinion and the civil society to combat racist acts in the society “is necessary” to “exert pressure” and “raise awareness” about the imperative to eradicate such a phenomenon which is “alien to Tunisia.”

The Committee on Rights, Freedoms and External Relations was called to urgently examine the draft law against racism, he said.

Ennaceur also entrusted the commission on women, family, childhood, youth and the elderly to visit the victims of Saturday’s assault, hospitalised for serious injuries.

Several deputies and representatives of the HPR commissions attended the meeting with the delegation of sub-Saharan Africa students, who presented examples of racist acts and attacks they are victim of in Tunisia.

Source: TAP news Agency

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