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Rationalise use of electrical energy

Minister of energy, mines and renewable energy Hela Cheikhrouhou called on all sides to assume their responsibility in the rationalisation of electricity use for air conditioning in order to guarantee supply.

Speaking at a press conference Friday, on how to be able to cope with the electricity consumption peak in summer 2017, the minister pointed out that Tunisia had recorded on July 12, 2017, a record of in consumption with a demand that had hit 3,800 Megawatts (MW) out of the scheduled 3,900 MW.

This peak recorded an increase of 11% compared to 2016 (3,400 MW), said Cheikhrouhou, explaining this situation by the extensive use of air conditioning.

For his part, STEG CEO Moncef El Harrabi said that his company has largely succeeded in guaranteeing the continuity of electricity supply in light of the exceptional climate conditions and the intensive use of air conditioners.

STEG has taken steps to avoid electric blackout if the peak demand for the summer of 3,900 MW is exceeded, he specified.

Responding to a TAP question about the possible use of load shedding during the current week, Harrabi underlined that this use of voluntary electricity is not a choice. It is used in extreme situations to avoid electrical blackout and relieve pressure on the network.

The electricity cuts had not exceeded 15 minutes, he said.

The official also indicated that theft of electricity costs STEG technical losses estimated at 17%.

The cuts recorded in a number of regions are caused by the increase of the electric power theft flail, the official explained, adding that the capacity of transformers thus passes from 40 customers to more than 150 causing fires and additional financial losses to the society.

In another connection, the minister asserted that gas and electricity prices will not rise till the end of the year, adding that the only scheduled increase had been annouced as part of the 2017 Finance Bill and had taken effect in January.

The budget was established using an exchange rate of 2.5 Tunisian Dinars to the US Dollar and average price of a barrel of crude oil of USD 50 but the exchange rate rose 2.4 Tunisian Dinars and the barrel price to USD 52.5 in the first half of this year.

She also pointed out that the compensation for hydrocarbons has increased from 650 million dinars (MD) planned the budget to 1,200 MD, which still requires, according to her, the preparation of a supplementary budget for 2017.

However, Cheikhrouhou did not raise the question of compensation for hydrocarbons and gas for 2018, pointing out the difficulties encountered in gas supply to meet the needs of power stations, following the cessation of the pumping of natural gas from El Borma to Gabes due to sit-ins and protests observed at the oil and gas production sited in southern Tunisia.

This situation, according to the minister, is very costly for the State and notably to STEG, which is forced to import Algerian gas to meet national needs.

Source: TAP News Agency

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