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Reform of public enterprises must take into account general interest and civil servants’ interest (UGTT)

– “The reform of public enterprises and the Tunisian administration must comply with the constitution and take into account the general interest and the civil servants’ interest,” said Thursday deputy-secretary general of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) in charge of civil service Monem Amira,

In a statement to TAP on the fringes of his participation in a conference in Hammamet on “the reality of the civil service, governance, development of the civil service and civil servants’ training system,” he indicated that the reform is part of a joint project between the government and the UGTT to avoid the recorded shortcomings.

For his part, UGTT deputy-secretary general Bouali Mbarki affirmed the union’s willingness to examine the salary file in the civil service sector and discuss all the issues that concern civil servants in general.

In this regard, he pointed out that “the construction of the future of the Tunisian administration for future generations requires the establishment of good governance, noting that the civil service department within the UGTT is following the development of the civil service reform issue.

Taking the floor, National Anti-Corruption Authority President Chawki Tabib said that the governance of the administration and the reform of the civil service are the main thrusts of the national strategy of good governance and fight against corruption that the authority andeavours to implement after its validation by the government.

Tabib underlined that the lack of governance and the increase of corruption are the main obstacles to the democratic transition in Tunisia.

He added that the reform of the administration and the civil service will reduce the phenomenon of corruption, especially since a large part of the authority’s recommendations and reports sent to the courts regard the administration and the civil service sector.

Organised for two days at the initiative of the UGTT Civil Service Department in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the conference addresses several topics such as corruption in public administration, governance in the civil service and governance in the training system for civil servants.

Source: TAP News Agency

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