Reimbursement of debts costs State, 22 MD per day (Ministry of Finance) | Tunisia News Gazette

Reimbursement of debts costs State, 22 MD per day (Ministry of Finance)

The reimbursement of debts costs the Tunisian state, 22 million dinars (MD) per day, almost half of the amount mobilised for the payment of salaries of the civil service (41 MD), according to the ” Citizen Budget 2018 “, released Friday, by the Ministry of Finance.

This document, which aims to popularise the 2018 budget, by simplifying the data and giving a general overview of the State’s expenditures and resources, indicates that the State spends a daily amount of 3 MD to pay the expenses of the public administrations (rents, water, electricity …).

With regard to compensation, the document reveals that an amount of nearly 4 MD is reserved daily for the subsidy of hydrocarbons, 3 MD, to that of cereals, nearly 700 thousand dinars, for the subsidy of oil, and more than 300 thousand dinars, to the milk subsidy.

Similarly, the State mobilises every day, an amount of 1.5 MD to provide social assistance to families in need and 1.2 MD, for municipalities and regional councils (road lighting, market development …). A similar amount is also mobilised every day to support national transport companies.

To all these expenses, are added the development budget (about 16 MD per day), to reach an average of daily expenses amounting to 100 MD.

In return, the state resources (tax and non-tax) are limited, not exceeding 73 MD per day, hence a budget deficit estimated at about 15 MD daily, still according to “the Budget citizen 2018”, taking into account donations and income from confiscated property.

Source: TAP News Agency

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