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Remarks of Ennahdha President engage the party (Abdelkarim Harouni)

“The remarks of president of Ennahdha Rached Ghannouchi are official and represent the party,” said Shura Council President Abdelkarim Harouni.

In a press statement on Sunday, at the close of the Shura (Consultative) Council (August 5 and 6), Harouni added that the movement supports the national unity government and its economic and social priorities set out in the Carthage Document.

In an interview with Nessma TV channel last Tuesday, Rached Ghannouchi called on the national unity government to “focus more on the economic challenges of Tunisia as well as on municipal elections, rather than on the political future of the Prime Minister or one of the ministers”.

Ennahdha is an important partner in the ruling coalition, he said, cautioning the parties that seek to disrupt government action through calls for early presidential and legislative elections and the amendment of the Constitution to establish a presidential regime.

On the Reconciliation Act, Abdelkarim Harouni recalled that the Shura Council had proposed amendments.

He said the new version of this draft is the fruit of a dialogue that will continue in order to arrive at a consensual version consistent with the Constitution and the process of transitional justice.

The Shura Council also welcomed the adoption of the law on violence against women, saying it has reinforced the image of Tunisia as a country that respects women and works to defend its rights and to eliminate all forms of violence against them.

Preparations for the municipal elections were also on the agenda, he said, adding that the Council welcomed the movement’s decision to support the participation of independents in its lists to the tune of 50 pc.

Source: TAP News Agency

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