"Resolution of economic problems in Tunisia should not be at expense of economic enterprise" (Bouchamaoui) | Tunisia News Gazette

“Resolution of economic problems in Tunisia should not be at expense of economic enterprise” (Bouchamaoui)

“The resolution of the country’s economic problems and financial imbalances should not be done at the expense of the economic enterprise and through an increase in taxation that has brought the tax pressure to record levels, threatening not only the enterprises’ competitiveness, but also their survival and sustainability,” said on Wednesday President of the Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) Wided Bouchamaoui in her opening address of the confederation’s 16th congress.

Bouchamaoui also spoke of the difficulties encountered by economic enterprises in the past years, notably “the deterioration of the business climate, the failure of logistical services related to export (port and air services), the dilapidated infrastructures, the extent of smuggling and parallel trade, and excessive claims.”

She added that “in spite of all these difficulties, the economic enterprise has continued to make huge sacrifices, like the exceptional contribution of 7.5% included in the 2017 Finance Law, in the hope that this contribution can promote growth, investment and employment, a hope betrayed by the 2018 Finance Law which brought new taxes.”

The outgoing president thus considered that “the economic enterprise cannot support any more taxation,” recalling “the role that the State should play in the application of the law and the protection of organised economy and weakened sectors.”

Besides, she affirmed that “the priorities of the employers’ organisation in the recent years have been focused on restoring the value of work, combating lawless strikes and violation of the law, encouraging private initiative, improving the business and social climate and supporting fight against parallel economy.”

Deploring the results that did not live up to expectations, Bouchamaoui stressed, however, that “there has been, at least, a general awareness of the importance of these challenges,” voicing hope that this consciousness can be translated into actions and commitments for the revival of the national economy.

She also recalled the role played by UTICA in the national dialogue and in the resolution of the political crises that had shaken the country after the revolution, calling on the affiliates to keep it away from political infighting and calculations. “All those who want to play politics, let them do it away from the UTICA.”

She also said that “the efforts of national organisations and political parties should be geared in the next stage to programmes and visions that will lift the country out of crisis, calling for “betting on the private sector as a national strategic choice.”

Bouchamaoui indicated that a study on the perception of the UTICA by the public opinion had been entrusted to a specialised consulting firm and it’s now in its final stages; it will be submitted to the new executive board that will be elected during the congress.

Source: TAP News Agency

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